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Welcome to #IAmModivcare, a celebration of all the extraordinary people who make up our Modivcare team! Featured are the people who make our non-emergency medical transportation, remote patient monitoring, meal delivery, and personal care services possible.

Elizabeth Craine, Service Expert Specialist III

What do you love most about your job?

I love Modivcare. When I started as a Customer Service Representative over 4 years ago, I researched this company and loved everything it stands for. I am big on providing a service to others and this job afforded me that opportunity. I love that I get to work independently and that I am part of a supportive team. It’s also nice that upper management has my best interests at heart and wants to see me succeed.

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Marina Dentremont, Regional Director of Clinical and Office Operations 

What do you love most about your job? How has it impacted your career?
I will always be a strong advocate for care in the home as I believe, under the right circumstances, this has a profound impact on the patient’s overall health and mental well-being. Being part of an organization that looks for ways to support the patient in staying home safely for as long as possible is incredibly rewarding. As a former visiting nurse, I had countless interactions where priceless wisdom was shared, and I always came home knowing I impacted someone’s day for the better. 


Andi Thayer, Provider Relations Director

What is your favorite part about being a Provider Relations Director (PRD) at Modivcare, and why?

My favorite part about being a PRD is representing our critical business partners. My place at the table is to champion the relationship that is most visible to the members we serve: our transportation providers. Our members will always remember the friendly face that shows up to take them to their doctor’s appointments. I remain hyper-aware of that responsibility, as the attention spent supporting this relationship ultimately translates into safe and quality service to our members.

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Celeste Crocker, Provider Relations Director 

What is your favorite part about being a Provider Relations Director at Modivcare, and why?

I truly enjoy helping to improve the lives of others and helping my team or customer service agents get to their next level.

Matthew Pawloski, Lead Software Engineer

As a software engineer, what has been your favorite project at Modivcare and why? What has been the most challenging project and why?

The rideshare integration was by far my favorite project at Modivcare. I was able to work closely with our rideshare partners to architect and build an integration system from scratch that ended up being the foundation for future business-to-business integrations in the company.

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John Bentley, Customer Advocate

What aspects of Modivcare’s culture do you enjoy the most?

I enjoy working for a company that embraces diversity and encourages personal growth. It is so nice to work in an atmosphere of acceptance and be celebrated as an individual. I never have to feel like I’m being judged when I’m at work, other than how well I do my job. That is refreshing!

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