Megan Gallegos

Vice President, Referral Sales

Megan Gallegos

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your passions and interests? 

I cherish spending time with my husband, family, and friends and living in New Mexico, where the weather is so nice nine months out of the year. I also love spending time outdoors barbequing, biking, working out, or walking the dogs.  

Who is the most influential person you know?  

I would have to say my mother because of the lessons she taught me at a very young age. She taught me to work hard and that with hard work comes reward. Nothing in life is given to you but if you work hard enough you can earn it. She also taught me to be forthright and honest and to be respectful and kind. While those may sound like obvious characteristics that we all strive for, being honest and kind has helped me be a better leader, wife, and friend. Communicating openly and honestly enables more meaningful conversations and creates a sense of clarity. And who doesn’t appreciate individuals that are respectful and kind? I believe that being respectful earns respect and that people genuinely appreciate it when you treat them with the same kindness and consideration that you would like in return.  

What advice do you have for people who  strive to advance in their careers? 

If you want to advance in your career, master your current role and be open to taking on new challenges, even if you are not sure you are completely ready. Do your best to look at those challenges as opportunities to stretch beyond what you think is possible and continue to evolve.  

My favorite quote: 

“Informed optimism doesn’t mean you only look at the bright side. It means you don’t overlook the bright side. If you won’t see possibility, you can’t solve problems. If you can’t imagine a best case, you don’t make things better.” —Adam Grant 

What qualities make a great leader?  

When I look at the great leaders I am fortunate enough to work with, one of the qualities that stands out the most is their ability to wear many hats and successfully manage multiple areas of the business. They are adaptable, build strong teams with strong relationships, persevere to achieve goals, and continuously look for ways to improve the business. Not only do they have tremendous control over the business and drive meaningful results, but they are also an inspiration to others.