Health systems and hospitals are increasingly searching for smarter ways to improve patient outcomes, increase value in the delivery of care and address social determinants of health (SDoH).

To drive better outcomes, every ride, meal and personal interaction matters.

Modivcare reduces the many anxieties patients associate with medical transportation. By improving ride quality, consistency and access, we’re not just there for patients, we’re there for the health systems dedicated to serving them.

We're part of your care team. Providing transportation to meet the needs of your patients.

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We go the distance for you

As the national leader in supportive care solutions, we offer the capabilities and infrastructure to meet the challenges you face, anytime, anywhere. Our tech-enabled platform drives greater efficiency by meeting patients’ needs exactly where they are – logistically and physically.

Non-emergency medical transportation

Lack of transportation is too often a barrier to care. Our transportation platform improves care by providing patients access to convenient, cost-effective, safe, reliable rides.

Our on-demand ride-ordering solution is a single access point for scheduling transportation, leading to better health outcomes and improved financial results. 

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Vital operational objectives:

  • Move patients seamlessly to and from facilities
  • Improve processes, staffing and workflow
  • Reduce the number of vendors
  • Eliminate inefficient resources
  • Reduce the frequency of readmission penalties
  • Decrease length of stay
  • Increase bed capacity
  • Reduce high-cost Emergency Department (ED) services via easier access to preventive care

Where can Modivcare take your facility?

Our goal is to bring fundamental, measurable improvements to the partners we serve.

We don’t just think big, we care big.


Savings on pure ride costs


Fewer complaints on transportation


Shorter call time to schedule rides


Reduction in transportation-related no shows


Reduction in patients being late to appointments

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Case studies:

Time and cost savings, better adherence

Across the U.S., hospitals partner with Modivcare to drive better outcomes. We’ve helped clients achieve:

  • 9% reduction in readmissions

    By improving adherence and follow-ups, a client with medically complex patients reduced 30-day readmissions across three locations by 9%.

  • 75% reduction in booking time

    By replacing a broker that required faxes, paperwork and calls, a client streamlined processes to cut average ride booking time from 20 minutes to just 5.

  • 18% improvement in adherence

    By including mass transit as a transportation option, one therapy program improved adherence by 18%.

  • 38% savings on per diem rates

    Transportation costs add up for patients who live far from in-network providers. One client cut costs by 13%, reduced leakage and achieved per diem rate savings of more than $400 per episode.

  • 32% savings on patient fares

    By replacing taxi vouchers with our services, one client drove home a 32% reduction in their transportation spend.

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Begin your journey today

How far can Modivcare take you? Our no-obligation assessment gives you a clear idea how your facility compares to other hospitals — and identifies your greatest opportunities for improvement.

Delivering support beyond the ride home

Modivcare also offers personal care services to ensure your patients get the support they need after a visit. Find out more about our services and inquire about availability in your area.

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