Modivcare for Medicaid Plans & State Agencies

Extending access to care in the communities you serve

We believe that equitable access to care is a fundamental human right

Alongside our Medicaid partners, we work in service of underserved, minority and low-income communities throughout the U.S. to enable access for those at greatest risk of experiencing complications and adverse impacts tied to the social determinants of health.

In service of Medicaid plans, we deliver on the metrics that matter. Unique customer programs delivered:


Reduction in emergency department utilization​


PMPM savings in population living with diabetes​


Reduction in in-patient admissions​

Tech-enabled, people supported

Our multi-modal approach flexes to match member need and preference, mitigating the adverse effects of social determinants of health by providing members with the right level of convenience and support to meet their needs. ​


We provide transportation to and from healthcare appointments for millions of members across the US, leveraging the latest technologies to match members to the most effective mode of transportation to meet their needs cost effectively. We provide a seamless experience for every stakeholders, building and maintaining relationships with members, their caregivers, transportation providers, healthcare providers and you. Transportation is critical to providing access to care, closing care gaps and effectively managing total cost of member care. ​
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In-Home & Personal Care

Our in-home personal care team brings healthcare to the homes of your participants, allowing members to age in place for longer, with the dignity they deserve. The care team builds one on one relationships with your members, working to understand and address the healthcare barriers members face each day. Our team members help participants with activities of daily living, including meal preparation, hygiene and household chores.​

Virtual & Remote Care Management

Digital and virtual care platforms complement existing care teams, providing PERS, medication management, vitals monitoring, benefit engagement and gap closure solutions for members. With industry leading response times and member satisfaction, our solutions meet the needs and priorities of members, their care teams, and case managers, engaging members on their terms to avoid unscheduled care.​

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Health Risk and SDOH Survey Capture

Omnichannel health risk surveys capture self-reported member risk, allow data movement into clinical workflows and drive personalized member education and care gap navigation.​

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