Our goal isn’t a number. It’s a difference.

Modivcare is leading the transformation to better connect people with care, wherever they are. We serve the most underserved by facilitating non-emergency medical transportation, remote patient monitoring, meal delivery, and personal and home care to enable greater access to care, reduce costs and improve outcomes.

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Making connections to care

Bringing equity, hope and healing to those who need it most

We believe social and economic factors such as where you live, work or learn should never be a barrier to care. These factors, known as the social determinants of health, lead to inequities in our healthcare system and it’s our mission to close that gap by making connections to care. To make a world of difference, one patient at a time. That’s what drives us.

Welcoming those who make a difference

Our complementary healthcare technologies and services are used with a single purpose: to connect the underserved more equitably with care. We’ve created a holistic suite of integrated supportive care solutions ready to tackle the future of healthcare.

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Serving you

We work with a range of clients: public and private payers, health systems, hospitals and universities. All united in purpose to better connect people with care.

Our Purpose

Making Connections to Care

Our Vision

We drive positive health outcomes by transforming the way we connect to care.

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Our Values

Because we care…

We treat everyone with dignity and RESPECT.

We earn the TRUST of our members, and each other.

We provide RELIABLE services that open doors.

We serve with courtesy and COMPASSION.

We prioritize SAFETY.

We communicate with purpose and TRANSPARENCY.

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