Celeste Crocker

Provider Relations Director

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What is your favorite part about being a Provider Relations Director at Modivcare, and why? 

I truly enjoy helping to improve the lives of others and helping my team or customer service agents get to their next level.    

What top 3 traits make you a great Provider Relations Director? 

My ability to listen to the needs of others, my patience, and that I take the time, whether it’s the provider, my employees, or the facilities, to understand what I am speaking about. 

Please tell us a story about one of your most meaningful days as a Provider Relations Director and why it was impactful.  

I had one of my largest providers in the state and one of my direct reports quit on the same day. I remember having a conversation with both of them and convincing them to stay with the company. I was able to give each of them items to help them become more successful in reaching their individual goals.