Welcome to #IAmModivcare, a celebration of all the extraordinary people who make up our Modivcare team! Featured are the people who make our non-emergency medical transportation, remote patient monitoring, meal delivery, and personal care services possible.

Lakita Davis, Senior Graphic Designer 

How do you make a difference in your role? 

I make a difference at Modivcare by using my artistic voice to convey the mission and vision of the company. With my expertise, I can create content that is informative and emotionally engages our partners and most importantly, our members. I have been instrumental in the branding process, which has allowed me to gain a deeper understanding of the core values of the company and what is needed to gain and retain the trust of our current and potential customer base. I use this information to design and execute content that truly represents our purpose of making connections to care. 

Lakita Davis

Our Customer Advocates make a difference in the lives of our members by helping to ensure they have access to transportation for crucial medical appointments. Featured below is one of our outstanding Customer Advocates in our #IAmModivcare spotlight. Meet John M. Bentley II.

John Bentley

John Bentley, Customer Advocate

What aspects of Modivcare’s culture do you enjoy the most? 

I enjoy working for a company that embraces diversity and encourages personal growth. It is so nice to work in an atmosphere of acceptance and be celebrated as an individual. I never have to feel like I’m being judged when I’m at work, other than how well I do my job. That is refreshing!  

Carli Stanley

Carli Stanley, Contact Center Manager 

How do you make a difference at Modivcare? 

I try to come into the office every day and be a positive spokesperson and motivator for each of my direct reports and the members I speak to. Leading with kindness in our line of work is the most important thing for my team and our members. 

Myone Fernandez, Vice President, Social Determinants of Health  

What advice do you have for people who strive to be in leadership positions? 

My advice to people who want to be in leadership positions starts with remaining true to yourself. Do not compare yourselves to others; rather, do things on your own timeline. Play to your strengths and take risks—practice resilience. Don’t be afraid of the spotlight, be heard. Start at the bottom and earn/learn your way to leadership positions. Lastly, always work hard while trying to learn as much as possible.