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TripCare is Modivcare’s one-stop solution for requesting and managing patient transportation without the need to contact the call center. Here you can find resources to get the most out of the tool. Read on for highlights on new features, improvements, tips, tricks, tutorials, and more. 

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  • Request single trips or standing orders (recurrent rides for treatments like dialysis)
  • Immediate upload and submission of required forms
  • Search, view and monitor status of trip requests
  • Edit or withdraw trip requests
  • Recertify, update, and terminate standing orders
  • Monitor details of scheduled trips
  • Cancel scheduled trips up until the day before the trip
  • Submit on-line attendance log to Modivcare
  • Transparency into patient transportation
  • Easy-to-use platform saves time scheduling and managing routine rides and standing orders
  • Focus on the members you serve instead of calling into the contact center
  • Incorporates each members’ plan requirements into its scheduling system
  • No need to call in or wait on hold 
  • Paperless

New Features

TripCare continues to improve! TripCare is being updated regularly to be more user-friendly. Check out the latest improvements and more. 

Training Videos

Access our library of educational videos that will show you how to navigate throughout the platform, request trips, manage standing orders and much more.

Tips & Tricks

Want to learn how to cancel a ride with ease? Or maybe how to use the live chat functionality? Learn more about the wonderful features of TripCare and how to get the most out of the tool.


Introducing weekly sessions & office hours! Reach out to your Facility Liaison or other Modivcare representatives for invites to weekly virtual training sessions and office hours with your Product Owner.

We want to hear from you! How can TripCare help you get more done faster? We always appreciate your feedback! 

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