Remote Patient Monitoring

Saving lives, preserving independence

An enhanced level of care that benefits your members—and you​

Modivcare is transforming the way patients connect to care through remote patient monitoring. With solutions for emergency response, medication management, and vitals monitoring, our suite of solutions support continued independence. We’re there to help members live more confidently.

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Our Solutions

Our remote patient monitoring solutions help members engage with their health through technology so they can be active and independent while staying connected to the care they need.

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Our Medical Alert Program provides 24/7 assistance, including fall detection, so that patients can be safe and independent in their own home. With just a press of a button, patients are connected with a knowledgeable, caring representative from our Care Center to provide support as needed – from friendly conversation to dispatching emergency assistance.

Vitals Monitoring

Managing chronic conditions is essential, and the simple connections and accountability with our Vitals Team makes that possible. By sending regular readings to our team, patients can take control of their health with the backing of connected support.

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Medication Management

Maintaining adherence to complicated medication protocols can be challenging, but it is important to ensuring health. Our medication management solutions make it easier to be successful with the support of our monitoring teams.


The Engage, Educate, and Empower Program is the continued evolution of our services, building on our core competencies and drive to save lives and preserve independence. E3 makes connections to care in innovative ways by prompting action and removing barriers to care, and it works.


The Results

Net Promoter Score: 89

Average Response Time: Under 10 seconds

Gap Closures:

Following the four-month period, VRI demonstrated the ability to connect, deliver messaging at a high rate, and significantly impact member behavior vs. a control group, including:

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Action: 36% more members took gap-closing actions

Gaps: 40% more gaps were closed

Colorectal: 80% more colorectal exam gaps were closed

Breast Cancer: 56% more breast cancer screening gaps were closed

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