Our research-based thought leadership articles, white papers, videos and infographics are designed to keep you apprised of the latest developments in social determinants of health and health equity. Supportive care services can help Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid members improve their health while creating cost savings for health plans by addressing health related social needs.

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White Papers

Our white papers give you detailed findings about topics surrounding health equity and health-related social needs. These white papers discuss the importance of supportive care services for Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid health plan members.


Our articles explore challenging topics and make them easy to understand. We focus on Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid, consumer healthcare, personal care services and healthcare technology, including predictive analytics and remote patient monitoring.

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Visual representations of healthcare data and statistics, these infographics are easy-to-digest and focus on social determinants of health, personal care, non-emergency medical transportation, remote patient monitoring and more.


Hear first-hand from our caregivers and transportation providers about what they do every day to help improve the health of Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid members nationwide.

Learn how we can be your partner in the health delivery business.