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Our articles explore challenging topics and make them easy to understand. We focus on Medicare Advantage and managed Medicaid, consumer healthcare, personal care services and healthcare technology, including predictive analytics and remote patient monitoring.

Modivcare experts explore new ways to impact health related social needs and improve health equity among underserved populations.

NEMT: Building the ‘perfect’ member trip through collaboration, technology

In the recent past—and still existing among some companies—non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) organizations and transportation providers (TPs) were brought together by a strictly transactional relationship. This method of running an NEMT business wasn’t, and isn’t, the best way to do this important work. But it took a while for large NEMT organizations, Modivcare included, to come to this realization.

Building relationships one person at a time to improve access to healthcare, improve health equity

To help improve this nationwide issue the healthcare system—providers, health plans, community organizations and others—must come together to build relationships with these disenfranchised groups.

Supporting in-home caregivers as the need for their services continues to grow​

The past two years have been extraordinarily difficult for people around the world.

The pandemic has taught us many things, not the least of which is the daily necessity for high-quality healthcare. We often think of healthcare in an ambulatory or acute setting; however, at-home care continues to grow in importance as the population ages and desires to live independently.

Personal care in the healthcare continuum can help improve participant wellbeing​

Navigating the healthcare landscape in 2022 has become increasingly difficult. Healthcare no longer begins and ends in an ambulatory care facility or at a hospital. The healthcare continuum extends outside into the “real world.” All around us, non-clinical factors affect our health outcomes, and medical staff aren’t the only people who can impact them. 

Why consumer-driven healthcare can help boost health equity, improve satisfaction​

Healthcare consumers can drive and influence the healthcare industry, and we see that happening today; they have the desire to receive a highly personalized health plan membership experience.


Medicaid programs aim to move long-term services and supports into the home and community monitoring​

The report explores how states could help improve the lives of the individuals who use LTSS services—mostly older, low-income adults, and children and adults with complex health needs or disabilities—using what they learned from the COVID-19 pandemic and the more than $9 billion invested by Congress through the American Rescue Plan Act. 

The care center advantage​

We pride ourselves on the services that set us apart and make a difference for the parents and grandparents we serve. Our Care Center team ensures our values ring true from the press of a button for help to follow up interactions.