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Welcome to the Modivcare Facility website for Oklahoma. Currently this site hosts information and forms that medical facilities and medical groups can use to schedule transportation for our various clients including:

  • SoonerCare

If you have general questions concerning transport for SoonerCare, please review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

The form(s) on this site is stored in PDF format. Your computer must have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed for you to be able to read and print the forms. If you do not have a copy of Adobe Acrobat, you can download it for free at www.get.adobe.com/reader/.

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Member FAQs

  • What area does Modivcare facilitate transport?

    In the State of Oklahoma, Modivcare is contracted to arrange transport for SoonerCare members to medical appointments only. Modivcare arranges transportation in all 77 counties in Oklahoma.

  • How does a member book a reservation for transportation?

    Modivcare has a dedicated reservation number for Oklahoma SoonerCare. Our toll free number, 877-404-4500, is answered Monday-Friday from 7:00 am-6:00 pm CST. If you are a dialysis unit, please call 800-435-1276. Members may also make requests online.

  • How much notice is needed to book a reservation?

    Three business days (72 hours) notice prior to the scheduled appointment is necessary. (Example: Call on Monday for a Thursday appointment.) Modivcare accepts reservations up to 15 days in advance. For any trip request with less than the three business days’ notice, Modivcare would need to obtain confirmation from the treating facility that the appointment is of an urgent (not emergent) nature and cannot be rescheduled. Dialysis and wound care would be examples of medically urgent appointments that should not be rescheduled. Modivcare needs at least two (2) business days’ notice for mileage reimbursement requests.

  • Can a driver come into the member's place of residence and assist them out to the vehicle?

    Drivers cannot come into the home, lift passengers, or take wheelchairs up and down stairs. The SoonerRide program is a curb to curb service in the state of Oklahoma.

  • What if the facility has an urgent/same day trip?

    Urgent/same day trips can be booked through Modivcare. Such trips should be true urgent conditions where a physician is requiring the member be seen the same day or the next day. These trips should be booked by calling 877-404-4500.

  • What if a Facility has an emergency trip?

    Emergency ambulance trips are not arranged through Modivcare. If a medical emergency ambulance trip is needed, call 911.

  • What are examples of emergencies?

    Sudden life threatening medical situations, significant trauma, comas, shock, uncontrolled bleeding, respiratory distress, poisoning, drug overdose, and any situation where immediate medical relief or treatment is necessary.

  • How long is a driver expected to wait at the designated pick up location?

    A member should be ready fifteen (15) minutes before the agreed pick up time. The vehicle is considered on time if it arrives 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after the designated pick up time. The driver is required to wait up to 15 minutes from your pick up time to transport.

  • What happens if a trip is booked and the transportation provider is late picking up the member?

    In the event that a transportation provider is late, Modivcare maintains a staff trained to resolve late arrivals. This team is available 24/7. A dedicated phone line is available to inquire about the status of their ride. The line is called the “Where’s My Ride” line and the phone number to call is 800-435-1034.

  • What happens if a facility doesn’t know what time my appointment will be over and no time is arranged in advance for the member's return ride?

    Once the member’s appointment is finished, the member or facility will call the “Where’s My Ride” phone number and request transportation be sent to return the member. The transportation provider will be dispatched and will have up to sixty (60) minutes to arrive for the members return ride. The member/facility will use the same “Where’s My Ride” phone number, 800-435-1034.

  • What if the member's appointment cancels?

    If a member’s appointment is canceled notify Modivcare as soon as possible (24 hour advance notice required if feasible). This will prevent unnecessary trips for local transportation companies trying to serve others that day. If a member has three (3) no shows in a 90 day period, they risk being placed on mileage reimbursement only. Passengers who misuse or abuse the service or behave disruptively may be denied SoonerRide NET Services.

  • What levels of service are covered through Modivcare for NEMT program for SoonerCare in Oklahoma?

    The level of service describes the type of service needed to transport a member. A member can travel by one of several levels of service based on their physical needs. See below:

    Mass Transit – Where available and suitable for the physical condition of the member. Modivcare will provide mass transit tickets or passes for riders traveling near a bus route.

    Ambulatory – This is a member who is able to walk on their own or with the assistance of a walker or cane and is able to be picked up and dropped off. This is a curb-to-curb transportation.

    Wheelchair – Available to members confined to a wheelchair that, due to either physical weakness or mental impairment, they must travel with their own wheelchair. Transportation with a wheelchair accessible vehicle will be provided. There will be no escort or attendant provided. If an escort is needed, please inform Modivcare at the time the reservation is called in that the member will have an escort with them. Wheelchairs are not provided by Modivcare or their providers.

    Stretcher – Available to members who cannot be transported in a wheelchair and who may be bedridden. The facility must arrange trips three business days in advance for a member’s medical appointment. We do not arrange transport by stretcher if the member can go by wheelchair however does not have it available.

  • Can a facility ask for a preferred transportation provider?

    Yes, if a facility has a transportation provider they prefer, please mention this when scheduling transportation. Modivcare will note the request on the trip and will do everything they can to honor the facility’s request, depending on availability of the transportation provider and/or if the preferred provider is a participant in the
    network. Even though the request will be documented, trip assignment will be based on routing criteria that includes provider compliance. Modivcare does not guarantee that a preferred provider will be assigned based on a request.

  • How do hospitals arrange discharges?

    Hospitals may contact the reservation line at 877-404-4500. Modivcare has staff on hand 24/7 to arrange discharge transportation requests; however, if a facility knows in advance, call between 7:00 am to 6:00 pm when possible. Modivcare requires a discharge to be requested by a hospital staff member such as a Discharge Planner, Social Worker, or Nurse. Once the discharge is arranged, the transportation provider has up to three (3) hours to respond and pick-up the patient/member.

  • How can the Facility Department help?

    Modivcare maintains a Facility Department dedicated to handling the needs of nursing homes, hospitals, & dialysis centers. Modivcare has dedicated staff and a phone number available to book transportation for facilities. The phone number is 800-435-1276. To minimize time on the phone, Modivcare suggests using the single trip request form. Complete the fax request form and send to: 800-597-2091. Upon receipt of the form, a facility representative will complete the reservation and contact the ordering party with confirmation of the reservation. If a facility is signed up for the Facility Services website, reservations may be completed online.

    • This website contains instructions and forms for arranging a standing order or single trip reservation.
    • If you are a facility that would like to sign up for the Facility Services website, inform your Facility Representative.
  • Who fills out the Standing Order Request Form?

    Standing Order Request Forms must be completed by a facility representative such as a social worker. A facility may make requests online.

  • How can a facility representative get a Standing Order Request Form?

    Standing Order Request Forms can be obtained through this website or by contacting the Facility Department at 800-435-1276. A facility may also make requests online.

  • Where does a facility representative send the completed Standing Order Request Form?

    The Standing Order Request Form should be faxed to Modivcare at 800-597-2091. A facility may also make requests online.

  • Who gets notified if changes need to be made to a standing order?

    Modivcare must be notified of any temporary or permanent changes to a standing order. Modivcare’s system will continue to propagate the original information unless Modivcare is notified of a change. Modivcare’s network providers schedule transports based on the information Modivcare sends out in their daily manifest. If a facility or member only instructs the transportation provider of changes and not Modivcare, the member runs the risk of missing their appointment if the transport is assigned to a different provider. By informing Modivcare about changes to a standing order, it allows them to adjust any changes and ensures members are getting the best service available.

  • What if a facility has multiple trips to book for different members?

    A facility can fill out Single Trips Request Forms for the various members for trips up to 30 days in advance and fax them to Modivcare at 800-597-2091. A facility may also make requests online.

  • How many members can one escort be responsible for?

    One escort may accompany up to a maximum of three (3) passengers. Children may not accompany adults when the appointment is for the adult. Children may ride only if they have a medical appointment. An adult must accompany children under the age of 15. People 15 to 18 must have a note from a parent or guardian on file with Modivcare to be transported without a parent or guardian.

  • Must a nursing home send an escort with every member?

    One escort may accompany up to a maximum of three (3) members per trip. Nursing homes are required by State to furnish an escort during transport.Modivcare’s network of providers is not required to take the escort back to the nursing home without the member. Example would be when an escort travels with a member to dialysis treatments. It is not Modivcare’s policy to take the escort back to the nursing home while the member dialyzes, then pick the escort back up at the nursing home prior to picking up the member. The escort must be at the dialysis facility with the member for the transport of the member to take place.