The value of real-time tracking and feedback in NEMT

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There’s no denying how important non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) solutions are to delivering better health outcomes to Medicare and managed care members; 58% of NEMT users wouldn’t be able to make appointments without it.

But not all NEMT solutions are created equal. There are many that offer basic “point A to point B” services without any of the valuable features that characterize the most sophisticated NEMT platforms. With today’s high-tech NEMT platforms, users have more visibility into medical transportation operations than ever before.

There’s an incredible amount of value to be found in real-time tracking and feedback when it comes to NEMT. Having a high level of oversight across your entire NEMT environment, capturing both the individual rider experience and overarching transportation trends, is a huge boon for managed care organizations (MCOs).

Improve member health and satisfaction with more reliable NEMT
Service reliability is arguably the most important factor to consider when vetting NEMT managers. Of course, every candidate will claim to make the patient experience a high priority and guarantee that each member arrives at their appointments on time. However, there’s no way to hold your transportation provider or NEMT manager accountable without a mechanism to keep tabs on vehicle fleets, driver activity, and individual rides in real time.

Real-time tracking capabilities enable MCOs and their members to monitor trips and flag late drivers and no-shows. If a driver is delayed, the transportation provider can reassign that trip to another vehicle in the area. That way, the member will still arrive at their appointment on time — or at least very close to it.

With traffic, inclement weather, car trouble, and other issues, delays are inevitable. But that doesn’t mean the member experience has to suffer. If you notice that these delays and no-shows are recurring with multiple drivers and vehicles, that may be a sign that it’s time to look for a new transportation provider.

Show members you’re listening
Customers want to know that service providers care about their experience, and will listen to their feedback and incorporate it into future offerings. NEMT platforms should offer members a way to let them be heard, whether they want to complain about a bad experience or gush over an especially good driver.

Showing members that their feedback is taken seriously and used to continually improve NEMT services can go a long way to improving satisfaction levels — and retention rates. Every complaint is an opportunity to address a shortcoming. A dirty vehicle or dangerous driver can be removed from service, for example, ensuring that no other patients have an unpleasant experience.

Gathering member feedback can also highlight execution gaps at a higher level, such as adding new modes of transportation that better suit your members’ lifestyles and needs. For instance, rideshare platforms are a relatively new phenomenon in the NEMT world, but there’s considerable demand for rideshare support.

If you can demonstrate to members that their voices are being heard and their opinions are guiding your NEMT solutions, they will have a more positive perception of their policy and your organization, and a satisfied beneficiary is unlikely to switch their MCO or Medicare provider anytime soon.

Better technology leads to better NEMT solutions
The most technologically sophisticated NEMT managers can deliver a member experience that’s far beyond what other companies can offer. Modivcare has created the most advanced NEMT solution available today — a platform incorporating robust networking, intuitive mobile applications, accessible digital portals, real-time tracking capabilities, and much more — providing granular visibility into rides and seamlessly gathering relevant rider feedback.

With Modivcare, you have the tools you need to consistently provide the best member experience possible, improve patient outcomes, increase retention rates, and give your bottom line a hearty boost.

Are you interested in learning more about how Modivcare can help your organization improve member health and satisfaction with a customized, robust NEMT solution? Request a demo.


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