New Mexico NEMT business goes the distance in care delivery

David Cason

The larger the landmass, the bigger the opportunities to serve those in need. That’s exactly what David Cason, President and CEO of Shuttle Ruidoso in Ruidoso, New Mexico, said when he began working in the family business.

New Mexico is the 49th poorest state and fifth largest in landmass, spanning 151K miles. The population’s socioeconomic challenges prevent many from getting necessary resources, like transportation, to access healthcare services.

“Many of our clients fall on the lower end of the socioeconomic ladder, and it’s unfortunate they are not typically treated well,” said Cason. So Cason decided to change that with Shuttle Ruidoso, his non-emergency medical transportation company.

Core business values stand prominently

Shuttle Ruidoso’s core values are placed prominently on its website and vehicles: show compassion, help others understand differences, treat them like family, listen first, then listen more. These values give clients piece of mind during their trips to healthcare appointments.

“We’re helping those who need our help, and we treat everyone who rides with us – clients, families, staff, gas station attendants and everyone we encounter each day – with kindness, caring and respect,” Cason said. “The majority of our clients are a joy and express extreme gratitude of the level of service that we provide.”

Shuttle Ruidoso expands to serve broader community

Shuttle Ruidoso stays busy serving the population. The company has 60 vehicles providing rides in 15 counties. Cason’s team completed 46,631 trips and drove more than 3.2 million miles within the last year. Cason also serves on the Modivcare Transportation Provider Advisory Council, where he leads a coalition of 35 transportation providers in New Mexico.

“I hope to bring not only the single voice of Shuttle Ruidoso, but a shared voice of all the providers in our state’s network,” Cason said.

The reach Shuttle Ruidoso has —in mileage and the people they serve—supports Cason’s ideals of helping New Mexico’s underserved population by providing high-quality NEMT services with compassion today and in years to come.


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