“It costs nothing to be nice:” A peek inside the life of a Modivcare contact center supervisor

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We recently sat down with Bryan Hamilton-Shannon, a contact center supervisor out of our St. Louis, Missouri office, to talk about his work at Modivcare. He discusses his journey at Modivcare, the life of a contact center supervisor and what he finds most rewarding about his career.

Bryan manages a team for Modivcare’s Missouri contact center operations where he and his team work to help secure transportation for members across the state.

How long have you worked at Modivcare?

My journey with Modivcare began on March 5, 2014. I have enjoyed every single year and wouldn’t change my path. I have watched this company make new changes to provide outstanding ways to accommodate transportation to service our members.

Why did you choose Modivcare?

I wanted change within my career. I worked previously as an Operational Manager at Aeropostale for six years. Retail settings and call center settings are so different. Working in a call center environment was going to be brand new for me and I was quite excited about it. I wanted to gain the expertise in other ways to excite and gain commitment from the customers that wasn’t face-to-face. I love new challenges.

How many people are on your team?

Currently, I have 13 employees.

What qualities make a successful contact center representative in your eyes?

Following CORE values of Modivcare. But, understanding that contact center supervisors are all different and will bring a different style to leadership/management team. No company should ever want a robotic management team.

What does a typical day at Modivcare look like for you?

Busy, at times. Always providing learning opportunities to take my spot as a supervisor. I always say to my leadership team that you are stronger and will do better than me. I want them to reach and reach. Always set a trend that you call yours and have confidence to say, “I’ve changed this mindset to make this position even better.” I love to train and motivate. My job as a leader is to show you a world that has no limits on your ability to grow.

What do you like most about working at Modivcare?

My Missouri family! A lot of us have stayed together and grew closer and stronger as a work family.

What’s the most rewarding experience you’ve had while working at Modivcare?

Getting a “thank you” for doing the best we can do daily!

Why is it so important to have great customer service for the groups we serve?

There are a lot of citizens all over that need our assistance. No matter what group you serve it costs nothing to be nice. Treat someone with the respect and dignity that you ask for.

Tell us about yourself. What do you like to do for fun?

I love to take care of my family and provide everyone who knows me the most that I can. I love to dance and create and set new trends.

I love to eat Italian food and try new foods.  Dancing is my life as it gives me the opportunity to express myself and escape to be whoever I want to be.

I am a people person that holds friends and family dear to me.


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