Community saddened by passing of transportation driver Michelle Wright

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As the driver services manager and dispatcher for APEX Transportation Services in Dover, Delaware, Michelle Wright was more than just a reliable employee. Much more. In addition to “taking the burden completely off my husband and me in running the day-to-day operations,” Michelle developed extremely strong bonds with everyone she interacted with, explained Apex Transportation Services owner LeFeisha Cannon.

From the clients she drove to the co-workers she supervised, Michelle made powerful connections with everyone she encountered, which made her unexpected passing a week after Easter 2021 even more tragic.

Before Apex Transportation Services, Michelle worked with a couple of other providers, and “they had the same story to tell as I do about her great work ethic, her great customer service, how she embraced the job. She treated everybody as if they were her family that she was transporting to and from their various appointments. I am still receiving phone calls from people that are in shock or want to share their stories about how Michelle inspired them,” LeFeisha said.

Above and beyond

After Michelle’s passing, one young woman came forward and said she had some mental health challenges, and that Michelle was very inspiring to her, sharing her own experiences with family members who had mental health issues. Michelle encouraged the woman to seek assistance and helped her navigate some other areas of life, suggesting helpful resources and people she knew. Michelle helped her turn some things around and get her life on track, according to the woman.

“I’ve had people call and say ‘Hi, I was hoping to speak to Miss Michelle.’ Then, of course, I have to break it to them, and I’ve had people break down and cry or scream,” LeFeisha said.

Another example of Michelle reaching out involved the five people she transported every morning to their clinic. One day, she overheard a man telling the others that he had no food. Michelle found out how many people lived with him, ordered food from his local pizzeria and had it delivered to his home without telling him. He never knew she did it.

These people were devastated to hear of her passing, as were the parents of a young child Michelle took to an autism center three days a week. So were the co-workers to whom Michelle would send daily messages of encouragement, supporting them in the often-difficult business of medical transportation.

The outpouring of love for Michelle in the wake of her passing was no surprise. Michelle was known for constantly giving her time and resources. Explained LeFeisha, “It was her nature.”


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