MCO & State Agencies​

Your partner in the health delivery business

At the heart of every Medicaid and Medicare Advantage program is the goal to improve the health and well-being of members through better access to care. At Modivcare, we get it. We’re there.

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The Goal

Our goal, like yours, is to make healthcare accessible and equitable for all by making connections to care, especially underserved communities throughout the U.S. We work with minority and low-income families and individuals at greatest risk of experiencing complications caused by a lack of access to healthcare services.

We want to mitigate the effects of social determinants of health by forging community relationships and using intuitive technology to support your programs. Our high-touch, high-tech approach is unique in healthcare. We bring the best of both worlds together to help participants live their best, healthiest lives.

Working together, we can achieve better community health outcomes through healthcare solutions designed to:

Increase efficiency
Enhance member satisfaction
Expand access to care
Improve member outcomes
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We provide transportation to and from healthcare appointments for thousands of program members. Most importantly, we build and maintain relationships with members, transportation providers, healthcare providers and you. We know transportation and access to care are critical to creating a great member experience and growing connections within the community.

Personal Care

Our personal care services bring healthcare to the homes of your participants. The care team includes personal care aides who understand the healthcare barriers members face each day. The aides help participants with activities of daily living, including meal preparation, hygiene and household chores.

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Remote Patient Monitoring

Modivcare partners with MCOs and state agencies across the US to provide PERS, Medication Management, and Vitals Solutions for their members. With industry leading response times and member satisfaction, our solutions meet the needs and priorities of members, their care teams, and case managers.

Private, Public Payers

We believe everyone has the right to receive the benefits and healthcare services they’re entitled to no matter their circumstances. Through our member-centric services and technology platform, we’re there to help. As your partner, we strive to ensure your members have fast, safe and reliable access to care as well as additional personal support when needed.