TripCare Tips & Tricks

Make the Most of Your "My Members" List

Your “My Members” list is your secret weapon for effective member management. By adding only the members you work with regularly, you:

  • Stay Focused: Concentrate on the members you interact with most often
  • Keep it Simple: Maintain a short and manageable member list.
  • Boost Efficiency: Quickly access the members you need, making your tasks more efficient.

Pro Tip for Facility Users:

Use “View My Members Only” checkbox for a more focussed view on the following tabs:

  • Trips: Easily view all trips for your regular members.
  • Trip Requests: Stay on top of pending trip requests.
  • Standing Orders: Access standing order details effortlessly.

Live Chat at your service!

TripCare’s new Live Chat feature gets you the help you need quickly and at your convenience. This means no hold times with the call center!

Live Chat can help:

  • confirm member eligibility
  • confirm health plan availability
  • lookup member assistance using date-of-birth or when member has multiple last names
  • make same day trip modifications and/or cancellations
  • identify vehicle location
  • determine vehicle type
  • provide live ride ETA – learn exactly where the member is en route or where their ride is if the member is waiting
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Scheduling Member Trips when you're out of the office

A common question we get is how do my member trips get scheduled when I’m out of the office? It’s easy! Your coworker can step in and do the following tasks without having to add members to the “My Member” feature, such as:

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