Sharon Harris

Contact Center Supervisor

Sharon Harris

What attracted you to work for Modivcare? 

What attracted me to work for Modivcare was the opportunity to help people. I love working with the members, assisting them with issues, and working with my team is always a plus. When my team members come to me and ask me to assist them in getting to the next level in this company, it’s a great opportunity to work with my team and assist them daily. 
What aspects of the company culture do you enjoy the most? 

Being treated with respect. When the CEO Dan Greenleaf and his team came to visit, I was honored because that has never happened to that degree, and by doing so, they showed all of us that they care. 
How do you make a difference? 

I make a difference by showing up and doing the best job I can do, not because it’s expected, but because I love what I do. 
Where is the best place you’ve traveled to and why? 

It’s on my bucket list to travel to Africa, but my fear of flying has stopped me. 

What are some words that best describe you? 

Loyal, reliable, honest, trustworthy.