Rachelle Ferrara

Vice President, Account Management

Rachelle Ferrara

Tell us a little about yourself. What are your passions and interests? 

My passions include global travel with culinary destinations, fitness boot camps, Amazon addict, and mentoring the next generation of female leaders. 

Have you drawn professional inspiration from others? Tell us about someone who has inspired you. 

I used to believe I would become fulfilled in my professional life by throwing myself into my work 24/7 (that’s a slight exaggeration – but not really). Then I met a highly successful female executive who taught me, “Life is short.” Creating a healthy balance professionally and personally not only creates a deeper level of happiness overall, but it has transformed me into a better leader. Over the past few years, I have become more grounded, confident and fearless in my professional life. I am grateful to her, and she inspires me tremendously with her achievements in life. 

What do you want others to know about being a working woman in Corporate America? 

Corporate America requires always putting your best foot forward. It’s letting your raw talents and passions thrive – regardless of age, physical looks, or gender. It’s balancing executive presence, performance, adaptability, responsiveness, and managing key stakeholders while at the same time juggling family responsibilities, staying fit, being relevant, well-read and maintaining a positive outlook. Women desire open, honest feedback and criticism from their leaders, not sugar-coated accolades. Actionable, corrective career feedback yields great results with corporate multitasking women.   

My favorite quote: 

“Do it with passion, or not at all.”  —Rosa Nochette Carey 


What do you do to stay relevant in today’s marketplace?  

It’s important for me to connect with professionals outside my organization; it’s my lifeline, resource base, and sounding board. One example is my continued board membership with Professional Women in Healthcare®. I also love learning about other business models, innovative ideas, and how others make a difference in healthcare. I enjoy speaking at healthcare summits and meeting progressive companies all over the world who are disruptive and shaping the future of health. This “outside-in” mindset keeps me relevant and excited. 

What advice do you have for those who want to advance in their careers? 

No one taps you on the shoulder; you must seize the opportunity and speak up. Make your career aspirations known to your direct leader and together map out a career path. Be open to constructive criticism.