Matthew Pawloski

Lead Software Engineer

Matthew Pawloski

How did you choose your field of study? 

Growing up, I was always very interested in both technology and music. My original plan for college was to double major in music and computer science, but advisors laughed at me, saying it would likely take around seven years to accomplish. So, I decided to stick with computer science for my professional future (I do get to regularly play with musicians in Jacksonville, though, so I ended up getting to keep both).   

Pictured above: Matthew with his wife, Diana, and son, Theodore. 

As a software engineer, what has been your favorite project at Modivcare and why? What has been the most challenging project and why? 

The rideshare integration was by far my favorite project at Modivcare. I was able to work closely with our rideshare partners to architect and build an integration system from scratch that ended up being the foundation for future business-to-business integrations in the company. 

The most challenging project is probably a tie between migrating the Transportation Provider Auto Assignment logic and Trip Completion logic from our transportation software to a Java service. Both involved a very large number of validations and legacy business logic that took months to recreate and verify that they were still valid.  

What is the best tech-related joke you have ever heard? 

There are 10 types of people in this world: those who understand binary and those who don’t.  

What aspect of technology excites you most? 

It excites me to see how fast technology is moving forward. Things exist today that would have been considered completely science fiction just 20 years ago. It will be great to see what the next 20 years bring us.  

PC or Mac? iOS or Android? 

PC or Mac: In general, Mac for creation, PC for consumption. 

iOS vs. Android: I prefer Android (even though I use iOS currently).