NEMT done right​

A digitally connected NEMT experience for members, caregivers, facilities & health plans​

The Modivcare Mobility Access Platform​

Our front-end apps and back-end intelligent trip management engine are flexibly designed to integrate into our client processes and systems.​
Our industry-leading member mobile app, healthcare facility portal and transportation provider portal are all architected to be intuitive with less clicks, seamless ride booking, transparent real-time reporting and a superior user experience​.
By making every ride count, we help our customers improve member health outcomes, close gaps in healthcare access, and create a positive member experience.

Modivcare’s platform provides end-to-end support for all healthcare stakeholders​

Our connected experience brings member insights to the forefront, allowing us to better serve members on your behalf by identify risk factors and matching them to needed care and covered benefits. We leverage every touch point in the member experience to bring these insights to the forefront, creating exponential value for our partners by proactively surfacing care needs and supporting member navigation to needed interventions.​

Multi-modal tools meet members where they are

With features to enable caregiver support all in one place, increasing convenience and functionality  


Our highest rated app is an all-in-one tool for creating, confirming, cancelling, and tracking trips¹.


Web-accessible tool for use on any web-enabled device to create, confirm, cancel and monitor trips.


Self-serve, HIPAA complaint interactive voice agent to create, confirm and cancel trips


For members without smart phones, or who prefer not to download an app​.

¹Among Apple store apps App Store Ratings as of 7/13/2023

customer service representatives

Proprietary scheduler for facilities & health plans​

  • Enhanced via voice and chat extensions
  • 40-50% of volume are standing orders
  • 4,000+ active facilities partners and counting​
  • Tracking and reporting on the metrics that matter ​

ATMS ecosystem empowers transportation providers ​to facilitate a better member experience​

WellRyde is our proprietary web-based dispatch technology solution, which optimizes routes, auto assigns trips, simplifies billing and provides real-time visibility into rides.

WellRyde makes it easier to support quality healthcare and elevate the member’s experience​.

Easy to use driver mobile app

Technology built for the future of NEMT on a foundation of relationship-based delivery​

  • At the forefront of Generative AI​ Integration
  • Continued, Improvement to IVA quality ​
  • Call Center Automation​
  • Fully humanized experiences through digital tools​
  • Member care automation​
  • Predictive and responsive decision making