Why choose WellRyde by Modivcare?

Creating effective real-time scheduling, dispatching and tracking of trips is essential for the satisfaction and health of your patients whether you’re a NEMT broker, transportation provider or health system. You need a solution that offers real-time visibility that lets you reduce customer calls and respond to exceptions efficiently. 

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Providing a new level of real-time communication, WellRyde transforms trip management and your operational efficiencies in 5 critical ways:

  • Visibility
  • Mobility
  • Billing
  • Optimization
  • Dispatch

WellRyde improves the driver and rider experience, eliminates the need for paper, and provides a single platform for all trip sources and private pay. Here’s how that benefits you.

10 Immediate Benefits to Digitization

  • #1: Manage Multiple Trip Sources

    Integrate all existing work for a seamless, single platform experience (and find new trip sources in your area to grow), increasing revenue opportunities and reducing risk by having multiple sources of revenues.

  • #2: Provider Assignment

    Automatic trip assignment between providers reduces time spent determining who can complete trips based on capacity and efficiency, reducing trip rejections.

  • #3: Rider Reminders: Reduce No Shows and Cancellations

    Alert riders with scheduled voice calls and increase revenue per mile.

  • #4: Route Optimization and Machine Learning

    Build routes ahead of time based on driver location and availability, maximizing fleet and driver use and ensuring on-time performance.

  • #5: Route Workbench — Rider and Schedule Management

    Lets you assign riders changing schedules directly and add those riders to static or dynamic routes for easy, repeatable trips, reducing dispatcher planning time and improving rider satisfaction.

  • #6: Route Workbench — Map Based Visual Routing

    Helps dispatchers build meaningful routes that maximize driver and vehicle use, reducing cost per mile.

  • #7: Automatic Vehicle Location (AVL): Real-time Driver Visibility

    See all drivers’ locations directly on a map, search for upcoming trips, answer rider questions quickly, and assign will call trips in real-time for a better rider experience.

  • #8: Automated Billing

    Reduce entire billing process to a single click of a button. Create contracts, configure rates, and have all completed trips automatically calculated with billed amounts.

  • #9: Rider Support

    All but eliminate rider phone calls by providing a solution that allows them to answer the question “Where’s my ride?” SMS, phone call, and other options provide interactive communications that tell or show the rider their driver’s location and status, reducing driver pick-up wait times.

  • #10: Quick Help Chat and Banner Messaging

    Providers can speak directly to a support specialist. Also uses banner messaging to alert to any upcoming down time, or new features.

How much can you save with WellRyde?

With just a few facts about your operations, we’ll also be able to tell you just how much you can save in a typical year. 

Based on data we’ve collected from 1,300+ active customers, average annual savings are:

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