Health and safety are our #1 concern

Our expectation is that all aspects of our services are delivered with compassion and respect. If we do not meet your expectations, let us know. 

caregiver assisting a member

Individuals & Caregivers

For reservations and ride information or talk to customer service.

MCOs & State Agencies

Connect with us to learn how we can be your partner in the health delivery business.

Health Systems

Request a no-obligation assessment or demo.

Healthcare Professionals

Connect with us to ask questions or provide feedback. 

Transportation Provider/Driver

Interested in driving with us?

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

Connect with our sales team to see what Modivcare can do for you. 

General Questions

Connect with us in regards to general questions not covered by the other categories.

Modivcare Corporate Headquarters 

6900 Layton Avenue

Suite 1200

Denver, CO 80237

Customer Service

For reservations, to reschedule, cancel and manage ride information, find your local phone number to call the reservation line.

For medical emergencies, please call 911.



Report a late or no pickup

To report a late or no pickup, please fill out our Member Feedback Form. We will reach out to you for further assistance and follow up.

You can rebook your trip by calling your local Customer Service.

Media Relations

If you have a media inquiry, please contact Kate Zerone.

Ethics & Compliance Hotline

Need to report suspected violations of laws or regulations, violations of the Code of Conduct and/or policies, or sensitive human resources matters, please use the below information.  This webpage is hosted by our third-party vendor and offers the opportunity to also report anonymously and confidentially.

Ethics Hotline (Web) =

Investor Relations

ModivCare Solutions, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of ModivCare Inc. (Nasdaq: MODV). Visit ModivCare Inc.’s website for investor relations information. Contact Kalle Ahl.

Employment Verification 

Modivcare has partnered with Corporate Cost Control (CCC) for employment verification services. Please visit or call (855) 901-3099 to instantly obtain employment verification reports and letters.