“Kindness, caring, respect:” The Shuttle Ruidoso way

David Cason

David Cason, President and CEO of Shuttle Ruidoso, is blunt about his company’s mission: Kindness, Caring & Respect.

Based in Ruidoso, New Mexico, the non-emergency medical transportation company sits in the southern part of the state which, as David notes, “is the forty-ninth poorest state and the fifth largest in landmass, spanning 151,000 square miles. That in and of itself is a challenge.”

Like anywhere else, many people in this area need to get to their medical appointments. The difference is that many lack the necessary resources to access transportation. Compounding the issue is the vast region Shuttle Ruidoso covers. Operating 60 vehicles in 15 counties, Shuttle Ruidoso drivers not only meet a lot of people, but they’ve also completed 46,631 trips and driven more than 3.2 million miles in 2021. “That’s a lot of oil changes,” muses David.

That’s where Shuttle Ruidoso, founded by David’s mother, Marilyn, in 1999, works hard to make a difference. “The way we treat our clients is the cornerstone of our continued success,” he said.

Treat them like family

If anyone wonders how firmly that cornerstone is planted in Shuttle Ruidoso’s approach to its clients and everyone it deals with, all they need to do is visit the company’s website. The first phrase you see is the headline “Kindness, Caring & Respect,” Shuttle Ruidoso’s slogan, written in large letters. It’s followed by a list of the company’s core values, which include “show compassion,” “help others understand differences,” “treat them like family,” and “listen first, then listen more.”

The company’s motto, “Kindness, Caring & Respect,” also is “plastered on all of our shuttles, and it is truly how we treat our clients, escorts, families, facility staff, gas station attendants and everyone we encounter each day.”

Many of our clients fall on the lower end of the socio-economic ladder,” he said, “and it’s unfortunate that they are not typically treated well (by others).”

An extra level of commitment

So what drives him? Having taken full ownership of the company in 2018, David is clear on this. “Simply, it’s helping those who need our help,” he said. “The majority of our clients are a joy and express extreme gratitude for the level of service that we provide.

David is so committed to his clients and his region that he also sits on the Modivcare Transportation Provider Advisory Council. “I am honored and take with great responsibility being asked to participate on this council,” he said. “I was recently elected to lead a coalition of approximately 35 other transportation providers here in New Mexico,” he said. “I hope to bring not only the single voice of Shuttle Ruidoso but a shared voice of all the providers in our state's network.”


David and Shuttle Ruidoso work with Modivcare to provide transportation services to individuals in New Mexico.